Getting Fuji Velvia 100 developed?

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Re: Getting Fuji Velvia 100 developed?

Trevor Sowers wrote:

Horiz Opposed wrote:

Eadward wrote:

I guess I wasn't aware that Velvia is discontinued, banned even in the US, and apparently its developing ceased as well. I have a few rolls I just shot on Fuji Velvia 100. Is there anyplace that develops this? Feel free to PM if better...

Velvia is a reversal film, which is also called slide film. It yields a positive image, and any lab which processes E6 will develop it. I am not aware of the science of why the film was banned in the US, but I think it has to do with Velvia 100 film itself, not the E6 process.

True but legally US labs can’t process Velvia 100

Yes, I see that now. I did not mean to confuse this discussion.

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