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Cerridwen wrote:

Horiz Opposed wrote:

I’ll second the comment about the viewfinder made by Bags27. Focusing was really tough.

I do not have any samples to show, in reply to your question, because I never got past the “Let’s run a roll or two through here, and see how they look.” phase. I so wanted to love this camera. Large film size, classic 2x3 proportion, rangefinder, great Fujifilm glass. What could be bad?

I live in the US, and reached out to JCH in Tokyo to find a GSW690II for me. I specifically wanted the wide angle vs the regular one. He found a really nice one, and I had the light seals redone locally. But that rangefinder was dim, small, and there was very little contrast in the patch where you focus, so unless you wanted to go small aperture all the time, focusing was difficult.

And they are huge!

I sold it.

I appreciate your thoughts and insight. My GW690 III arrived the other day and already loaded with Portra 160. It is agreeable that the camera is quite large. Considering the size of the negatives, the tradeoff for me, is fair. I am used to focusing with rangefinders, and yes the little patch on the GW690 does seem small and faint compared to others I have used. This will take a little bit of refining of my focusing skills, I'm not worried.

What is surprising... the weight, much lighter than I expected. By all comparisons my Mamiya 6 feels more "dense" compared to the GW690. Holding it is not an issue, I have average sized hands.

Can't wait to see what develops. Thanks again all for the input and tips.

Congrats. Enjoy!

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