Determination of Image stabilization efficiency

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Re: Determination of Image stabilization efficiency

Thanks for all good comments. I checked now that CIPA is an association where all major manufacturers are members. They have ,as Leonard clearly wrote, specified how the testfacility "vibration anvil" shall work. Accordingly, from my point of view the determination of Vibration stabilization efficiency is clear. Here in Europe the technical performance of technical devices are very much referred to testmethods determined by EN Standards ( EU). I suppose all CIPA standards can be regarded as reliable as it can be . My initial question was more do the different manufacturers use the same vibration test method / vibration device? I understand that the efficiency depends on handling the lens, but in the end a unified method is the only way to ensure that the stabilzation efficiency announced by diiferent companies can be referred to same test conditions. The same applies for the batterycapacities. Pls forgive me, perhabs I am to nerdy about this.

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