Samsung Galaxy a53 camera review

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Re: Samsung Galaxy a53 camera review

_vlad wrote:

2eyesee wrote:

Once more apologizing to Dule for this comment - but cannot resist

To 2eyesee....You compare uncomparable, there is different sensor, different lens and different processing pipeline (different HW overall). On top of all this is old test with no info which FW was used.

Algorithms in HUA phones were severally times changed. It is not Samsung or the likes. So if you do not have info about which FW you compare the whole comparison is of little value. Typically P30P (same as P20P) started with over-colored (AI), oversatured and oversharpened processing in first FWs. It was polished within 9 months. Then P40P came and they stupidly started from the same starting point. I did not have P40 but M40 and I can clearly see how they are progressing right now. Now the good question remains. Why they stupidly repeat mistakes from previous model range? That is mystery for me.

If you want to see something relevant to March 2022 then have a look here - Latest FW from P30P and M40P (same HW as P40P).

So which one is which? And which is better?

I have plenty of March 2022 experience with my P40 Pro because I use it all the time.  I'm on EMUI 12 now and the problems with oversharpening on the ultrawide are just as bad as ever. Huawei still won't allow us to access 40MP images from the 40MP sensor, which would probably resolve the issue as we would have some control on downsampling to 10MP.

The ultrawide on the P40 Pro is still useful enough for my real estate photos because they are only for web viewing. I scale the 10MP images down to around 2MP here, so the oversharpening isn't apparent at this resolution. But it's not usable for me for general photography.

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