M11 and Pixel Binning

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Re: M11 and Pixel Binning

Tom Schum wrote:

joslocum wrote:

Tom Schum wrote:

joslocum wrote:

The sensor in the new M11 seems quite amazing. And I'm hearing that shooting at 60MP is creating 80+MP images. I suppose if you need it for your work and don't mind that extra storage necessary, then why not!

Please tell me how a 60mp image can become 80+mp.

Do you mean that some 60mp images can produce an 80+ MB DNG file?

Yes, sorry, that's what I meant.

Yes it is amazing to see DNGs of 100mp or more from my 60mp Sigma fp L. Part of it is the amount of detail in a given image

Again, 100MP 😄? The file size (MB) depends on the compression used, and grows with the resolution (MB). If the camera uses lossless compression, the file size will be smaller without any loss of quality.

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