What is the best camera flash with rechargeable battery (not AA) for Nikon DSLR?

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Greg Presseault
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Re: What is the best camera flash with rechargeable battery (not AA) for Nikon DSLR?

Hi, sorry for the late reply.

If I'm on Amazon.ca, how do I tell if they're made in 1 specific factory? Also, I've seen some Pro Eneloops advertised as high capacity and others as fast recharge or fast refresh. The latter seems to be from China based on the time to ship it to Canada.

Edit: I have an EBL-999 charger. Will that be fine for Eneloops?


Z6User wrote:

Greg Presseault wrote:

On the topic of rechargeable, I've been using EBL high capacity rechargeable for my flash and sometimes, even when freshly charged, I've had issues with longer then expected recharge times. I've heard Enloop's are better, but at a decent price hike.

Can anyone chime in on this as it does relate to flash choices?

Thanks! Sorry if this is considered a thread hijack. Not my intention.

The best rechargeable AA NiMH batteries are made in one factory in Japan, including Eneloops. Stick to Made in Japan for longer lifetimes. Branded under Fujitsu, Eneloop, Duracell etc. To complicate matters sone brands such as Duracell market both Chinese and Japanese made cells, and you have to read the packaging! Prices vary a lot.

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