M11 and Pixel Binning

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Re: M11 and Pixel Binning

joslocum wrote:

The M11 is able to record RAW (DNG) images in 60MP, 36MP, or 18MP file sizes.

I've been watching videos by a guy called "mathphotographer" on YouTube. I believe he is based out of Zurich.

In the one I watched last night he was comparing (side-by-side) some of the different sizes and also compared them at high ISOs. He uses the standard Leica f2:35mm lens for testing purposes.

He used the words Pixel Binning quite a bit. However, I read this on PhotographyBlog so now I'm confused on what's happening:

"So the M11 can be set to record 60, 36 or 18 megapixels DNG Raw images, either using the full sensor area or alternatively incorporating a 1.3x or 1.8x digital zoom for the latter two modes, something that Leica are calling "Triple Resolution Technology".

My limited understanding of Pixel Binning is that the sensor somehow combines four pixels into one "super" pixel and this reduces the file size while attempting to maintain image quality.

Lastly, "mathphotographer" said he really couldn't see any difference between the images in Lightroom.

If this is true, what is the point of the different file sizes other than perhaps transfer speeds and storage capacity?

Thank you for any clarification on this topic.

While Leica uses the term "pixel binning," it is not what we typically understand as pixel binning.

All 60MP are always read out, and then a resolution change occurs in the firmware so that the output maintains its raw properties (no demosaicing involved). The smaller resolutions have less noise at the pixel level but the same noise at the print level.

Some owners do not want high-resolution images for specific situations. Some believe 24 or 18MP is enough for them but want to have a camera with the latest technology.

I always shoot at full resolution.

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