M11 and Pixel Binning

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Re: M11 and Pixel Binning

Tom Schum wrote:

joslocum wrote:

The M11 is able to record RAW (DNG) images in 60MP, 36MP, or 18MP file sizes.

My limited understanding of Pixel Binning is that the sensor somehow combines four pixels into one "super" pixel and this reduces the file size while attempting to maintain image quality.

I've been confused about M11 image sizes also.

If we "pixel bin" the 60mp sensor into Bayer quads (a square arrangement of one blue, one red, and two green sensels) the output image would be 1/4 the original 60mp = 15mp. Noise and dynamic range specs are not necessarily improved by this method, but microcontrast might be improved.

15mp is not one of the image size choices. So, I don't think it should be called "pixel binning".

Perhaps the camera is internally resizing the images to smaller pixel counts. If so, noise and dynamic range specs would be enhanced in some proportion related to the amount of downsizing. Lots of cameras do this with in-camera JPGs, and few do it also with raws. Looks like Leica is doing it with the raws. This is a good thing.

Crop modes are a different story.

That's exactly what I was thinking Tom.

60 > 30 > 15

Obviously I'm missing something.

Here is the video I watched about the Leica M11 Dynamic Range and Pixel Binning:


Note: FF to about 13 minutes into the video for pixel binning.  Also note that the round EVF mounted on top of the M11 is for an M10.  He explains why in the video.

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