Olympus resell value?

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Re: Olympus resell value?

Simi wrote:

Wow, thank you for all the replies and suggestions! Really appreciate, and apologize if I can't reply to all contributions separately.

@Atho: I am a newby (sort of) in Olympus-land, was all Fuji before. I wanted a smaller system, and thought I'd start with an OM-D E-M1 M3, which seemed close to the X-T4. I fell in love with the handling of the camera, and the results as well, thus bought more into Olympus. I am still happy with the E-M1, but I think I will be even happier with the OM-1. So that's why I'm selling the E-M1.

@David: All agree, and my bad: Selling the old flagship after a new one has been announced is probably not very smart, so I'm willing to accept a lower resale value. I was just surprised how low the market seems to settle in... comparing to Fuji, which seems to have a higher resell value, surprisingly.

Someone will get a pristine OM-D E-M1 M33 for a very good price I think

as said just above, you can get a nice value from rebuy. if that is to little, hold on to it and enjoy the fabulous camera for a few years.

they sell as new now for 1200 with 3 years full warranty

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