Olympus resell value?

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perry rhodan
perry rhodan Senior Member • Posts: 1,963
683,17 euro

Simi wrote:

I have an OM-1 on order, and wanted to sell my 6 months "old" OM-D E-M1 Mark III, which is in pristine condition. I am surprised that my offering, posted on the most common platforms here in Switzerland at a very reasonable price, yields absolutely no interest...

From your experience, how is the resell value of Olympus gear? My guess was that given the level of quality, the resell value would be reasonable, but that seems to be off...

On rebuy you would get € 683,17 they ship all over europe.

free insured shipping, money in the bank within 3 days after they receive the package.

done it dozens of times there. Buying as well as selling.

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