M11 and Pixel Binning

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Re: M11 and Pixel Binning

joslocum wrote:

"So the M11 can be set to record 60, 36 or 18 megapixels DNG Raw images, either using the full sensor area or alternatively incorporating a 1.3x or 1.8x digital zoom for the latter two modes

Crop modes and adjustable resolution are 2 different modes, adjustable resolution for the whole image. it is not a crop or a digital zoom.

"Adjustable resolution

The M11 also allows you to shoot both Raw and JPEG files at a choice of three resolutions: 60MP (L), 36MP (M) and 18MP (S)"

"Cropped modes

The M11 also uses its 60MP resolution to offer two cropped modes: a 39MP mode that gives a 1.3x crop and an 18MP mode that provides a 1.8x crop"

" That said, the crop is only a metadata tag in the Raw file, so can be over-ridden as you edit: the full sensor data is always available."

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