What is the best camera flash with rechargeable battery (not AA) for Nikon DSLR?

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I have some older Eneloops are they're great. Lately they've been hard to come by. I bought my set in part to get the nice four battery charger to use when I travel.

The question usually comes down to use case. Most amateurs could just buy a big box of Amazon Nihms and swap them during the day. It's not like the difference will be that great.

I wrote in this forum to know if rechargeable AA batteries are suitable for occasional use like mine (a whole morning once in a while) or you have to buy them every time.
If so, I think I'm better off with the supplied battery from one of those camera flashes I mentioned earlier.
So the experience of users who have used the latter option is essential.


I've been using Panasonic Eneloops for probably 10 years. One of the great things about these batteries is that they cycle quickly and hold their charge for a long time. They also last for many years depending on your usage.

The bigger problem I have is that I'll forget a set somewhere or lose the charger. Any Ni-MH charger will work of course but this one that comes with the set is great for travel.

I've transitioned to high-drain Eneloop Pros, or equivalent Amazon Basics brand made in Japan, for flashes too. But I now use a EBL branded USB AA charger. My specific charger has been replaced with a charger that takes micro-USB or USB-C.

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