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Re: Real Estate Photography image rights

In the US for a situation like this you own copyright unless you have expressly assigned (preferably in writing) to someone else.

The realtor has whatever rights you gave them in your agreement. If you do not have a written agreement you should, preferably in the form of a contract signed by all parties involved.

I would say your best course of action is to read up on copyright law then get with your client for some discussion. Maybe you can work things out.

From what you say I'm guessing the money involved is not enough to pay for a lawyer to take things to court, but you might get some compensation by sending an invoice and letter to the parties who used the photos. You can also file a 'take down notice' under copyright law. That should be enough to get your images removed from the website. Depending on the timing you may be able to strengthen your case by registering your copyright. You can find more info on both matters in a Google search.

Of course any drastic action could ruin your relationship with your client, something you need to consider.


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