Z7II vs. Z6II for upcoming video

Started Mar 24, 2022 | Discussions thread
Andre Yew Senior Member • Posts: 1,486
Re: Z7II vs. Z6II for upcoming video

Yeah, just use your Z7. I've shot many videos with my D810, D500, and D850, and they were fine. The Z6 is better, but most people would be hard pressed to see a difference.

If you're worried, do a test with your Z7 on your scenics with something that has lots of small details like faraway leaves or roof tiles that are a little bigger than a pixel, and pan across and up and down that scene. If you see something that bugs you then you might want to consider a Z6.

Interviews are probably the least demanding subject, and is entirely dependent on your lighting and sound. Remember to ask your subject not to wear something with a small pattern (eg. herringbone) or something busy. Solid colors or large patterns work well.

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