Voightlander 56mm f 1.4

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Re: Voightlander 56mm f 1.4

I had this lens for years with multiple copies owned over time.

Colors are great and I love the bokeh even if it's not the smoothest. It has character without beeing bubbly like the Zeiss 50mm 1,4.
Wide open, the lens is sharp enough but tricky to focus and has noticeable purple fringing. Stop down to f/2,8 and it becomes very sharp.

I have some troubles focusing to infinity on Nikon DSLR. It's sharp but it often seems to go a bit beyond infinity and it's not as sharp as the Zeiss 50 1,4 or even the 50 1,4 G for landscape. It's much easier to use when adapted to mirrorless. I think the lens has a strange field curvature because I noticed it on 3 samples (not at same time).

Rendering is nice, the lens is small and definitely appealing. However I use it mostly adapted now, I find it more convenient. On Nikon DSLR, I prefer Voigtlander's 28mm f/2,8 and 40mm f/2. These are small, sharp and easier to focus.

Zeiss ZF and ZF2 have better optics than the Voigtlanders and they are better build too but much heavier. I agree the 50mm f/2 Makro is an outstanding lens but I don't think they have much in common except beeing 50ish manual glass.

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