Z9 and Cfexpress card compability

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Re: Z9 and Cfexpress card compability

KonradE wrote:

Thanks for all good advise. I have a few Sony XQD cards which I have planned to use as "sparecards". Will they be to "slow " for thgat purpose?

All my Sony XQD cards going back to 2012 work perfectly fine, for photo bursts I observed buffer performance of my "newest" 128GB cards measurably better than what the few early reviews were showing... at least as good as the "worst" CFExpress cards out there. Video was fine too for short testing of compatibility.

While the best performing CFExpress cards may provide far greater buffer duration I would have no problem using them in the z9 if I needed more storage.  If you need to sustain 20fps for prolonged periods without interruption you'll likely need CFExpress, but for single digit second bursts those Sony XQD are more capable than what many have written.

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