Having Trouble with Autofocus

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Re: Having Trouble with Autofocus

One thing that might help while you're learning the camera and settings is simply to put the beep sound on the D1 setting - in single servo focusing (AF-S), it'll beep when focus is gained.

As others have recommended, BBAF + AF-C is a powerful way of working.

Don't feel shy about doing a load of test shots in varying conditions and subjects, and if you use NX Studio, that can display the focus point(s) in some modes.

Steve Perry's Secrets to the Nikon AF system is valuable as you want to learn more, since effective AF is subject dependent and according to what you personally find effective.

Not wanted to presume, but I know I've been guilty sometimes of expecting to nail ultra-shallow depth of field in a dynamic situation and failing - often, stopping down, getting further away and planning a bit more works wonders.

The other thing I found tricky learning- coming from film - was controlling highlights more carefully - the D750 does support Highlight Weighted Metering which can be valuable in some high-contrast situations; and also the preview can be set to show histograms.

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