Having Trouble with Autofocus

Started Mar 19, 2022 | Discussions thread
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Re: Having Trouble with Autofocus

If you're set to focus priority then it won't release until it confirms focus.  In some conditions this can be difficult.  I get in the habit of putting the focus point on something that I know it can focus on, let it focus, then recompose and shoot.  There can be issues with this method but it generally works well.  If you are trying to shoot quickly then it might not work reliably.  If you set to release priority then it will take the photo even if it is slightly out of focus, or a lot out of focus.  This is highly dependent on your lens and how well/quickly it responds.  Either method can work for you or can be problematic depending on circumstances and how they are used.  Regarding back button focus, it has no affect on your problem.  There are situations when back button focus is helpful and situations where it doesn't make any difference.  It is the release priority mode that makes the difference in how the camera responds.

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