Having Trouble with Autofocus

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Re: Having Trouble with Autofocus

Thank you to everyone who responded (as a quick aside, as DPReview newbie, I checked the box for notification of replies but haven't received any, so I didn't even know until now that there were any -- not sure what that's about). Anyway, I'll try to respond to as many points as possible here.

- Yes, using the AE-L/AF-L button for the back-button focus, which seems to work, as I do hear the "focusing noise" when I press on it and can then press the directional wheel to move the focus point around). On that note, yes, it's set to AF-S as almost all of the photography I'm interested in involve static subjects. I'm not sure what "custom function a1 or a2 refers to.

- I'm also not sure what "focus priority" refers to. What does "greatly decrease many hits" refer to -- just not taking the picture at all when I press down the shutter?

- Well, a variety of subjects, but none of them black. Yesterday, for example, I took it out by a river on a cloudy, foggy, day, but that's hardly black. Again, I'm not familiar with the terms "focus priority" or "release + focus," so it sounds like those are concepts I'm going to need to research and get acquainted with!

The bottom line, though, is that it sounds like this should NOT be happening, correct? This goes back to what BernhardF said -- "the af is, under most circumstances, fast and accurate so you should at least get one shot even when using focus mode." That's kind of what I was hoping for and expecting. So, for sure, it's frustrating when I press down the shutter and nothing happens!

PS. I did purchase the camera used (and the lens as well), so it's possible that there could be some weird settings the previous owner programmed in that are now giving me problems -- I don't know. I guess that also theoretically means that something is just broken, but it sounds like I have several options to exhaust before I start having to assume that.

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