Z9 and Cfexpress card compability

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Re: Z9 and Cfexpress card compability

Joel Klein wrote:

Delkin Black is a beast. It delivers.
Angelbird AV was a mistake. It can’t sustain high bursts, more then 1 second. can’t record ProRes. I am very disappointed with it.

FWIW I have been using the Angelbird AV PRO CFexpress XT MK2 Type B 660 GB, which I purchased direct from Austria before they became in stock in the USA.

It's specs are very impressive compared to other brands and my experience in the z9 is that Angelbird delivers, including sustained high bursts.

My z9 has absolutely no problem recording 4k ProRes 60p in both SDR and NLOG.

Perhaps you bought a lower end card or maybe even one of those that were recently heavily discounted -- those had been reported very early on as being below expectations.

I can't speak to all the MK2 cards but I suspect they perform better than the previous versions.

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