What happens to the gear you guys are always returning?

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perry rhodan
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Returning, selling for new, second hand used, warranty and more

Skeeterbytes wrote:

Limit myself to the Oly, er, OMD refurb page. That gear has been checked over to some level, plus with one exception the cameras show VERY few frames on the counter. Plus, 90-day warranty.

Have had just one exchange, back in my E-series days, so in sum have good confidence. The quality of the packing has varied, however.

I expect each reseller has to be considered individually WRT whether they do anything beyond a cursory look before offering each piece of gear. And since brick-and-morter is pretty much kaput in my area, previewing used gear in person is a thing of the past.

My $0.02,


One of the many threads where the OP is turned around to something really different within a few posts. But alas. Nice to read these opinions anyway.

If I want to buy new I only buy from a few premium sellers with 5 years warranty. If I want to buy second hand I buy only from the most reputable sellers. EG. Very much like "Rebuy" in Europe! This store sells and buys with a very nice interface and gives 3 years full warranty on used. Dealing with them for many years and no hassle.

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