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OM Workspace - [3 GREAT NEW features]

Started Feb 19, 2022 | Discussions thread
OP Henry Richardson Forum Pro • Posts: 21,950
Re: AI NR in LrC: OMS Workspace & DXO PL 5 have it already

BobT3218 wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

I have been hoping Adobe would improve their NR in LrC for a long time. Last week OM Systems (formerly Olympus) added AI NR to their free Workspace program for processing raw files. The AI NR is only available for the OM-1, E-M1X, E-M1 III, and E-M1 II though. The E-M1 II needs the 3.0 or later firmware (current version is 3.5).

You can read the AI NR info about 2/3 down the page:


For people who want to and can use this program then it makes a much nicer workflow than separate programs such as Topaz Denoise AI and DXO PureRaw because you don't need separate, huge DNG files.

Using Topaz Denoise AI or DXO PureRaw with a raw file you get a new DNG file. For example, using Denoise AI standalone 3.5.0 and the raw mode my 16.5mb E-M1 II raw file results in a 118mb DNG file. Now I have 16.5mb + 118mb = 134.5mb for one E-M1 II raw file.

It is a great advantage to have it all in one program so I hope LrC will get it soon. Note that if you use DXO PL 5 as your raw converter that you also can do it all in the program without an intermediate DNG.

The other important thing you forgot, it's free, no subscription no nothing, just a camera S/N.

That is right.  Only works with Olympus files though and computer requirements are heavier than DXO, On1, and Topaz AI NR.

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