Tamron 150-600 G2 + FTZ + Z7ii?

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Re: Tamron 150-600 G2 + FTZ + Z7ii?

No is the answer to your question about experience with the G2 on a Z7ii

some suggestions:

Worth getting it from somewhere you can return it for free.

Most long zooms models have some copy to copy variability so important to test it on receipt.

You made need to check it has the latest Z firmware upgrade or else get or borrow a tap in console just to do that.

I have that G2 - bought used from LCE a good few years ago. Bit of a faff to af tune it to dslr but not an issue for milcs.

My copy delivers v good resolution even near 600 mm on a D500 after af tuning so will be fine on a 45 mpx body.

Havent a clue about AF on a Z7ii I am afraid. I have a Z6 but never really tried to use it with the G2 - need the higher pixel density apart from anything else.

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