Shocking - G500 outperforms the 7i

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It's small

rick wrote:

So JIM, if you don'tmind telling me how large is this in inches
wide? (510)

Rick, it's 3.7 x 2.2 x 1.2 inches. I carry mine in my front pants pocket (even when wearing my tightest jeans, it fits).

About if Konica and Minolta would only make this a bigger camera
with faster lens , isn't that the A1? No ?

No. I don't believe that the Konica engineers were involved in the development of the A1. It was a Minolta Project.

Sure I would rather
have 10 x but isn't the A1 faster? I would be satisfied with a
s404 with faster lens. To me the s404 and oly 4000 series same
cameras..slow shutter . Anyway jim your kd510 focusses fast doesn't

I've been quite pleased with the autofocus. It takes around 1 second total (autofocus + shutter lag), regardless of focal length or lighting conditons (even in virtual darkness, focus times don't change).

I'd really like to know Konica's secret on the autofocus algorithms (only some programmer in Japan probably knows for sure). LOL

In very dark conditions, it does warn you (with a blinking light by the viewfinder). But, the photos still come out in focus.

I've taken photos at closer ranges in a dark room (with the light warning me that light was too low), and focus was perfect. I've taken photos at objects further away in a dark room, with the same thing -- photo focused perfectly.

So, I'm speculating that in very low light conditions, the camera is warning you, but still focusing on any contrast it can find in the frame. It never "hunts", and the autofocus lag does not increase in dark conditions.

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