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Even though I'm all paid up in Kaspersky, Id support the government shutting down their ability to operate in the U.S.

Kaspersky, and all other Russian-based businesses.

And this is where the challenge begins

Kaspersky is not really Russia based.

Kaspersky Lab - Wikipedia

Have a read! Actually, you only need to read the first sentence of the WIKI.

That's the problem. You need to read further to understand .

Kaspersky opens doors to new Transparency Center in North (globenewswire.com)

"Kaspersky Lab (/kæˈspɜːrski/; Russian: Лаборатория Касперского, tr. Laboratoriya Kasperskogo) is a Russian multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus provider headquartered in Moscow, Russia[1]"

What do you not understand about "headquartered in Moscow, Russia"?

They could open a 'Transparency Center' in Peoria. That wouldn't change the fact that they are a Russian company.

I didn't say that they aren't a Russian company. I said that they are not really Russian based. Like a lot of companies, they are more multi-national.

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