Shocking - G500 outperforms the 7i

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Re: Shocking - G500 If they could add a 10x lens

Jim Cockfield wrote:

rick wrote:

to this camera I would buy it immediately

Unfortunately, all cameras are a compromise. You have to find the
best balance of physical size, flash range, user control of image
processing, light gathering capability of the lens, focal range,

I wanted something small enough to fit in my pocket, and I
deliberately sought out, and found a Japanese Model of the Konica
Kd-510z, within two weeks after it was released in Japan.

I reviewed lots of cameras before taking this step, deciding that
the Konica was the best for my needs. So, I bought a Japanese
Camera with no warranty, just to get a pocketable camera this good.

If Konica would take the same technology, and build it into a
larger camera, with a fast lens with greater focal range; I have no
doubt that it would be a "winner".

Perhaps, now that Konica and Minolta have merged, they'll take the
image processing technology from the Konica line, and incorporate
it into larger models -- taking the best from both Konica and
Minolta engineering for future projects.

So JIM, if you don'tmind telling me how large is this in inches wide? (510)

About if Konica and Minolta would only make this a bigger camera with faster lens , isn't that the A1? No ? Sure I would rather have 10 x but isn't the A1 faster? I would be satisfied with a s404 with faster lens. To me the s404 and oly 4000 series same cameras..slow shutter . Anyway jim your kd510 focusses fast doesn't it?

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