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Joe Bagadonuts wrote:

Steve BB wrote:

Joe Bagadonuts wrote:

I am an architect so I see both sides of this. I can’t believe you didn’t work this out beforehand. Did you not think the owner of the house would want pics of their own house they let you shoot in? I would think your fee would include both parties, as it’s a little ballsy to now ask the homeowner to pay again for the pics. Like someone else said, the homeowner isn’t making a profit off your pics.

Nobody like nickel and dimers. Good luck collecting. The interior designer will probably just give them a copy anyway. You’ll never know. If you try and double dip off these two parties, it’ll be the last job that designer ever gives you and your reputation may take a hit. In this industry it’s not a good look, especially if you never discussed it and are now just pointing to contract clauses.

Wow, that's an unnecessarily angry response. Never underestimate the internet to allow people to vent at total strangers. Also for someone who sees both sides of this, you only seem to be taking one side, LOL.

My agreement was with the interior designer, as that's who is commissioning the photos. I asked beforehand if anyone else would want a license / use of the photos and the response was no. But after the shoot, a third party has come forward wanting usage, although it is unclear at this stage if the usage is for any type of commercial use or just 'I want to have the nice pictures of my lovely home'.

I didn’t mean it to be angry, just truthful. I have a hard time believing that either you or the designer didn’t think the owner would want pictures. I have never seen a homeowner not want pics from a photo shoot in their own home. It’s just naive or negligent to not plan for that. I have never seen an arrangement where a photog tried to squeeze another nickel out of the homeowner after. It’s just a bad look. I understand situations where you can charge another 3rd party, but this isn’t it, unless you want that rep. Just trying to help you out from an outside perspective from someone that deals with architecture photogs. Live to fight another day.

Why all the bitterness? You have a hard time ‘believing’ me? I shot 3 houses that week for the interior decorator and only 1 wants access to the images. So on my first week on the job I’ve proven you wrong. LOL.

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