Samsung S10 - photos show wrong EXIF-orientation: displayed sideways

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Samsung S10 - photos show wrong EXIF-orientation: displayed sideways

It is a regular occurrence that photos that I am shooting with my S10 show up sideways.
This is not about the screen-rotation, but the EXIF-orientation.

Shooting two photos that are almost identical. The camera is held the same way, portrait.
However, the EXIF Orientation differs and therefore they are not displayed properly within the Gallery app.
This usually is the case when shooting 'portrait-mode'.

I just want the photos to show up the way I shot them.
EXIF 1st photo (Correct):
Camera-orientation : right-top (6)
EXIF-orientation: Rotate 90 CW

EXIF 2nd photo (displayed sideways, whilst shot in portrait)
Camera-orientation : top left (1)
EXIF-orientation: Horizontal (Normal)
As said, shot in portrait-mode.
vainly searched for a solution. I believe most 'solutions' are about fixing rotating screen, but I have no problem with that. 
Any suggestions?

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