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mandm wrote:

Joe Bagadonuts; So if I pay you for plans to build my million dollar home, I can then give those plans to a friend who wants to build the same house in another state?

Very good question. Like photography, plans are owned by the architect. As to the design, once you change a few things, it’s hard to go after stealing a design. As to outright using a set of plans, because one has to be insured, licensed, plans stamped, life safety issues and all, it would be pretty illegal. There are plenty of safeguards in place to keep it from happening, but I get we are hypothetical here. Also, if another architect used them and changed the name, they’d lose their license.
Photography has no licensing, governing bodies, etc. It’s kind of apples and oranges. There’s less protections.

Here’s the thing, if the client made a copy of my plans and gave them to the neighbor to get ideas from let’s say, that is a little like this scenario. I wouldn’t be like “hey, give me $$$ for those plans, they are mine!” Maybe this my next client. Think bigger picture.

The OP’s homeowners probably just want to see the nice pictures taken inside THEIR home of THEIR home. Shocker. I am shocked the OP didn’t account for this. It only happens on every interior shoot ever done in the long history of interior shoots. He should just know he’s gonna give the homeowner a copy. He made his money. Thinking he can double dip it really makes me wonder if people can’t think beyond that next nickel to the bigger picture, regardless of his contract wording. I do multimillion dollar homes and I can tell you how that would go over.

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