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Steve BB wrote:

Michael Fryd wrote:

Steve BB wrote:

I gave them an unlimited license to use to promote their business online, on social media and in print, however they are not allowed to give out the images to other companies/parties to use for their marketing i.e. the carpenter can't use them, or the upholsterer who did the sofa can't use them. That is where I state that they need to deal with me directly to obtain a license for their use on a 'per-image set' or 'per-photo' basis.

I am assuming the homeowner wants the images for personal use, not to market the home for sale.

Does you license prohibit the designer from giving marketing images to an individual, who happens to be the homeowner?

If the homeowner does want to sell the home, can the designer co-market his design services by using your image to show off the design job he did on the home?

This is all going to depend on the specific wording of your license agreement.

Traditionally license agreements were rather specific:  Perhaps “Use of image in catalog, run not to exceed X copies”, or “Use in print advertising, for a period of one year, limited to a specific state”.

Once you start including general categories, without limits, things get blurry.   If you allow “marketing of client’s company”, what exactly does that mean?  If my company makes rollers for boat trailers, can I let the trailer manufacturer use the images to promote that they use my rollers in their trailers?

It’s hard to craft a license agreement that both allows a wide range of uses, yet attempts to strongly limit those uses.

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