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Ellis Vener wrote:

If all the homeowner wants is copies of the photos for their own enjoyment, and you don’t want to charge, that’s great but make sure you write up a contract for them that says that. You don’t want them giving photos to some other business.

This is the most likely scenario IMO. If the owner only wants them for their enjoyment, I'm happy to give them to them with a written agreement stating the above. It would keep everything easy.

I have only been told by the interior decorator after the shoot/agreement, that the home owner wants them too and the ID told the HO to speak to me directly — which is the right thing for them to do — any agreement would be between me and any interested third party coming forward now after the original agreement/shoot. For example, say in a years time, the carpenter who made the inbuilt cupboards would like the images for their new website.

If I don't hear from the owner directly then it probably means they have gotten them from the interior designer 'on the side'. And I would never know. I can't stop clients people giving away images without my knowledge. My agreement says they can't do this, but I can't stop them if I don't know about it.

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