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Steve BB wrote:

I hope this is in the right forum?

I did an interiors shoot for an interior decorator recently and all went well. Since then they have said that the owner of the house would like access to the images for their use. In my contract to the interior decorator (which to be honest I copied and altered from seeing templates etc) it states that they have a license for use, but any 3rd parties would need to contact me to obtain buy a license for their use.

But I'm just thinking ahead of this conversation, and trying to find the right way to explain to someone who wants to us the images why they have to pay to have their own separate license and its not a case of her being given them by the interior designer, or 'chipping in' with their costs to share the images.

It's not a situation like Getty images, where totally unrelated parties will want use of the images for totally different unrelated reasons. Inmy line of work for interiors, usually all of the people who may want to use the images have some connection to the project (carpenter, owner of house, designer, furniture maker etc)

How do you approach this and explaining to clients?

The interior decorator did not provide the clients with images?

Technically, you're out of the picture (no pun intended). The home owner didn't hire you. They need to contact the interior decorator for copies/access. Or - the interior decorator has to authorize you, on paper, to release limited rights copies.

There's a wonky work around but it's tricky. The home owner hires you to photography the property for insurance purposes. That's legit. The value of the home has increased - capital improvement.

I don't know what is in your agreement with the interior decorator.

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