What ever happened to some of the Utube photo guys?

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Re: What ever happened to some of the Utube photo guys?

BAK wrote:

No-cropper is The Fro, real name Jared Polin, from Philadelphia. Known for promoting that he shoots RAW.

He accepts assignments from magazines and newspapers, and has created a good book about Bernie Sanders.

As mentioned already, Matt Granger is from Melbourne, moved to New York for a while, and relatively recently moved to Hong Kong.

A relative newcomer to YouTube is Kym Illiams, from Perth Australia, who shoots Formula 1 racing. Last season he shot every race, and he expects to do the same this year.

Some other Youtube photographers I follow work partly for themselves and Adorama TV, and it gets mixed up.

Daniel Norton is a commercial, fashion and portrait photographer with a studio high up in a building in New York City.

Daniel shares his studio with Seth Miranda, who is on the commercial side of portraiture.

Also on Adorama TV and her own You Tube site is wedding and social / family photographer Vanessa Joy. She's a Canon acknowledged photographer.

And Weekly Imogen is a somewhat distinctive British YouTube site, where a photographer in his 40's photographs (mostly) women between 17 -25 in somewhat skimpy outfits, with the models talking about what the sessions are like.

I'll check this out for sure! 

Finally, back to Australia. Peter Coulson is a fashion, commercial and portrait photographer in Melbourne.

And don't forget Ken Rockwell.

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