What ever happened to some of the Utube photo guys?

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Re: What ever happened to some of the Utube photo guys?

geru wrote:

lost alaskan wrote:

I know some of you have no time for Utube but I've watched thousands of vids. A few people have come and gone. There was a guy named Matt I think from New Zealand or somewhere.

Matt Irwin is from Melbourne, Australia. He's been active on YouTube.

Matt Granger now based in NYC, he's still on YouTube.

Matt Granger moved to Hong Kong. Extensively documented on YouTube. Granger is originally from Australia and recently posted about a trip back home.

There was the accident prone woman who had a girlfrien

Jessica Kolbessa ? Not sure of spelling she's still on YouTube.

The guy who got accused of messing with his young models.

Jason Lanier still on YouTube.

One guy made a point of never cropping a picture. There was the over sharpening guy who I think is still around.

No clue...

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