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Re: results... kinda underwhelming

Photoclever wrote:

He's also basing his estimate on 4:1 contrast resolution chart tests which have virtually no relation to the real world performance of film. This is the fundamental problem with all of these debates going back two decades. Real world fine detail does not occur at 1000:1 or even 4:1. Nor does it consist of long black lines on a white background. Unless, of course, your subject is a chart. There's also the issue of whether or not a backlit evaluation under a microscope matters when you have to run the film through a scanner or an enlarger lens to get a print. Or a projection in the case of slide film.

I wouldn't outright dismiss hennings work just because its 4:1. As a matter of fact a contrast ratio of 4:1 is actually the new ISO standard for measuring imaging system performance. ISO 12233:2017. Even Imatest's latest test charts are 4:1.

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