New Z 24-120 or Keep my 24-200

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Re: New Z 24-120 or Keep my 24-200

CliveTJ wrote:

I’ve been trying to rationalise where the fixation with applying a crop factor to DX aperture stems from. All I can come up with is that oldies such as myself think of aperture for exposure first and DoF second…it doesn’t matter about DoF if the exposure is way out. Ok you can correct exposure to an extent in post but you get what I mean. With auto everything on cameras for the last couple of decades maybe younger photographers just don’t think about exposure.

I don't know of one person that believes that exposure is different if you have aperture set to f4 on full frame vs aps-c and I'm not sure the wording used in threads like these implies that they believe that.  It seems like only the f4=f4 police care about this...   f4=f4 is technically correct and in my opinion one of the most useless facts I think I've ever seen.   Sure a lot of people struggle to articulate the differences without getting in trouble with the police but most of us know what they mean.

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