Product Shoot Lighting Suggestions?

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Ron Hollingsworth New Member • Posts: 17
Re: Product Shoot Lighting Suggestions?

Does anyone have a setup like the one ucla316 has envisioned? Can you snap a shot of it and put it up?


ucla316 wrote:
I was thinking about building my own shooting table. I've already
mapped out what to build I believe. PVC pipes from home depot, with
a piece of foam core as the top and another piece of foam coare
used as a back drop (reflector). Also I was thinking about placing
a piece of plexiglass also from home depot about 3 to 4 inches
above the foam core on a separate shelf. I thought about playing
around with the tracing paper but I thought I may eliminate the
need if maybe I can use softboxes instead. That said any
suggestions on the light if I take the above route. Maybe photoflex
starlits medium kits? Thanks again for all your insight. This
really helps.

WWill wrote:

ucla316 wrote:

Thanks. WWill. I have quite a lot of pieces to shoot so I think I
may opt for the redwing cocoon with bowen trilites, at least this
way I can get started.

I don't really have anything against the cocoon but it seems to be
overkill for pieces the size of most jewelry. Light tents built
from foamcore and tracing paper work fine for small pieces and can
be adjusted for each shot if necessary.

I often build an ad hoc shooting table with a small piece of glass
held above the surface of a table (for instance with books) and
arrange by background and any low reflectors that I need on the
table surface. I can then set up my shot on the glass surface and
then place a foamcore/tracing paper down when the shot is ready.
This is a much easier working arrangement than setting up shots in
a cocoon.


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