Auto focus stacking in DC-GH6 but not in new OM-1?

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perry rhodan
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Re: Not exactly like that

Interceptor121 wrote:

The feature demonstrated in that video is the post focus functionality which is no longer available and only produces a jpeg on the GHM2.

Panasonic has decided to omit 6k and 4k photo there have been surveys in lumix group on how many people were using the feature and the answer was mostly what is it or i bracket and do it in post processing. We had no idea why they asked but I guess the entire functionality may be dead for good

When it comes to Olympus / OMS they have a bad habit that stacking only work with their lenses and it is not as nice as the panasonic post focus however bear in mind that if you bracket you can use any flash with that while with panasonic you need to put in place workarounds to fire an external flash

With the latest panasonics only the g9 has 6k (18mp) video for stacking. Rather ok.

With olympus the bracketing is great! With some like the em1m3 and em5m3 the stacking is second to none. It just works. Not like my fuji's which take a lot of work to get it right and made me stop using them for this. However my RP with ALL R lenses and several adapted EF lenses works sublime with bracketing. The EOS software works like a charm. Alas no in camera stacking.

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