Debating between E-M5 iii or Panasonic G9

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Re: Debating between E-M5 iii or Panasonic G9

rsmithgi wrote:

cr0100 wrote:

That makes perfect sense. Thank you!

I'll note that most of the people I'm photographing know me and aren't worried about cameras - it's a gathering of twins and multiples so they're all used to having cameras aimed at them for a week. Th

at being said, if you say it's significantly larger, then I am thinking (as you suggest) that the 'petite combination' would be more agreeable not only when aiming it at people, but also when carrying it around all evening!


If size matters this says it all. Had both but let the G9 go because it had next to zero plus for me. The only thing that had me hesitate for a moment is the menu structure. Still prefer the pana way but as a complete package the EM5m3 won it for me. For street I really like the em10m4 due to the flip screen, just easier. Both versions in silver seem to attract people and helps making nice intimate street pictures so easy.

BTW for me the g9 was laaarge and heavy. Dwarfing the fuji s10 and xt30 even with the (equevalent) kitlenses.

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