short docu shot with the Nx1 and 16-50mm S zoom lens

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Re: short docu shot with the Nx1 and 16-50mm S zoom lens

mangokid wrote:

Regarding exposure drifting:

I could have sworn I saw exposure drifting while on video record (not on this video, though... on some earlier test shoots) and I went crazy trying to figure it out!

I shoot exclusively on manual only, and was surprised to see exposure drifting.

If it happens again, as someone narrowed it to firmware 1.41, I'll consider going back to 1.40

I take back what I wrote before. I'm seeing the 'pulsing' in all modes, even manual.

Also, if in A or S using the 50-150mm lens, when shooting video, pressing AEL crashes the camera. Anyone else experienced this? Screen freezes and the only way out is to pull the battery. Video file corrupt.

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