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and doesn't produce as nice of sunstars as the old one; which is valuble for other landscape work.

It's true, and sad at the same time. Nikkor 20/1.8G is claimed to be best for sunstars but is mediocre compared to some other non Nikon lenses. S lenses are all bad and worse.

Compared to which non nikon 20mm lenses ?

Have you done those comparisons yourself or read any reviews?


Try Phillip Reeve's blog post on best lenses for sunstars.

We could argue that sunstars just as bokeh are a matter of personal taste but lets not go there.

The question was related to NON NIKON 20mm lenses as you mentioned in your reply but you skipped that part and did'nt mention the names of non nikon 20mm lenses which have better image quality than nikon 20mm 1.8g, based on your claim that nikon 20mm 1.8g is a mediocre lens.

What are you doing in this topic? I was not speaking about image quality, I was speaking about sunstars. As for image quality, S lens is obvious choice for Z mount.

Thanks for the clarification. So which 20mm non nikon lens is best for sunstars compared to 20mm 1.8g and why you consider it to be better?

I never said "compared to some other 20mm non nikon lenses". And I didn't get that you were refering to 20mm lenses in your previous posts. I was speaking about all lenses in general and how Nikon is by all means not that good in sunstars department, S lenses in particular.

Well the title of the thread clearly says we are discussing 20mm focal length.

Ultra wides are much more difficult to design and one cannot compare an ultra wide like 20mm to any other focal length for any attributes or characteristics of a lens let alone the sunstars.

You cannot say that 85mm or 135mm or 50mm lens is better than 20mm in producing sunstars because it's totally different focal length with a completely different field of view and lens design.

If you are aware of any 20mm lens by any manufacturer which produces better sunstars than nikon 20mm 1.8g, please do share the name with us.

As others pointed out Loxia 21. I'm not saying 50mm lens has better sunstars than 20mm lens. But chances are 50mm lens from Zeiss is better than 50mm lens from Nikon, Sigma and Fuji, who all have 9 blades aperture lenses which is not aesthetical for sunstar. This is not Nikon issue alone, many modern lenses which pursue smoother oof renderings suffer from mediocre sunstars due to odd 9+ number of rounded aperture blades. Even number of straight blades works better in that department.

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