Photos of cap for Minolta 5600HS(D) flash

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Re: Photos of cap for Minolta 5600HS(D) flash

I recently bought two adapters.  I found that I can use the Sony ADP-MAA adapter on the A7III with the 5600.   I can use the Vello HSA-CSASM adapter on the the Sony A65 with the Nissin macro flash and Minolta 100mm macro lens.  This is a light , well balanced combo.  The Nissin macro flash would not work with older Sony A-mount cameras.  I suspect newer A-mount cameras would work as well.  The adapters give more life to using combinations of old and new equipment together,    I also use rechargeable batteries in the flashes.  I'm always concerned about battery leakage.  I recently bought a supply of 4Patriots rechargeable lithium AA batteries. The batteries are just a tiny-bit larger than the regular AA batteries. They use USB charging.  I tested them with the Minolta 7D  battery pack. The batteries worked, charged the 7D.  The batteries are much lighter than regular AA batteries. They snapped an internal latch on the battery holder, because of the tight fit.  I shouldn't have forced them into the holder. Now, the latch won't lock-in the batteries, but they still charge the 7D.

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