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Re: Mac: Nvidia, AMD, M1 - 2gb VRAM

acfo wrote:

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Henry Richardson wrote:

muxr wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

muxr wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

The AI NR requires Nvidia GPU with 4gb VRAM on Windows. On Mac though Nvidia, AMD, or M1 are all okay and just 2gb VRAM:

I wonder why the requirements for AI NR are more stringent on PCs than on Macs?

They are technically more stringent for Mac. Since it requires the latest gen M1 (ARM) Macs. Doesn't support x86 Macs which Apple still sells. Looks like the software works even on old computers on the Windows side.

Not sure how you read that above and come up with an M1 is required for Mac. Not only that, but we have multiple reports of non-M1 Macs using it:

It sounds like an M1 is not required.

It literally says M1 or later? What are you reading?

No, it doesn't. It says: "NVIDIA or a card with an AMD GPU, Apple M1 chip or later"

That is for Workspace 2.0. Then underneath it has further requirements for the AI NR, which is the subject of this subthread.

If you can't see the graphic above then I am wondering if you are in China or one of the other places which sometimes surreptitiously censors stuff? Removes words, phrases, photos or even edits them to change them. Maybe you are seeing something different than what I posted. Where are you?

How does "Apple M1 chip or later" mean x86 is supported? It's literally the opposite of that. If x86 was supported then they wouldn't even list M1. Considering x86 Macs were previous generation to M1.

I think the way they wrote those requirements is super confusing.

Perhaps they mean "Apple M1 GPU or later" but M1 chip is not just the GPU it's also the CPU, it's a SoC.

Henry only copied a small subsection of the system requirements which is why it may seem confusing to you.

You may have missed that you are referring to the information in the GPU section so you should read it as Apple M1 GPU is supported. The CPU section lists i86 and M1 CPUs as supported.

A supported GPU is recommended but not required, except for AI noise reduction where the requirement is "macOS v10.14 or later Metal 2 compatible".

Ahh, I see. Thanks!

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