xt3, firmware, Kaisen, and you....

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Re: xt3, firmware, Kaisen, and you....

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Any Major Dude wrote:

I can't believe this thread is still alive ...

Film sims - SMH

Fuji has done an admirable job with "Kaisen"

I don't share your concerns - my XT3 takes pics that are fine given all the processing options available today

Shoot RAW + jpeg and let the future sort itself out

Jpeg only shooters aren't happy - but really - jpegs only - seriously?

At least shoot RAW + jpeg on your Fujis - extra memory is cheap today and your pics are worth it someday

Camera tech moves on - keep the most data possible at the time of capture by shooting and saving RAWs

Not sure why any of that is directed at me, all I did was point out when Fuji introduced white balance shift as part of the custom settings. But since you bring it up, I can’t believe there are still people acting shocked at the idea of shooting jpegs and using film sims, that’s been a major part of Fuji’s appeal since the start of the X system ten years ago now. You prefer to spend your time editing raw, fantastic, probably not the thread for you then, move on.

Sorry - not replying to you just the thread - It's still a good idea to save a RAW for the future

It's a shame you're so invested in arguing with people about the future of of their pics/aesthetics

Tastes change , software change, your eyes change - why lock yourself into the way you think today?

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