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OM Workspace - [3 GREAT NEW features]

Started Feb 19, 2022 | Discussions thread
acfo Senior Member • Posts: 1,493
Re: Did I missed something?

RSTP14 wrote:

acfo wrote:

RSTP14 wrote:

The new features (AI NR for e.g.) supports the EM/OM1 series and EM5iii but not the newer (excluding the OM1) EM10iv? If OMDS doesn't see it worthwhile to support the EM10 in its latest Workspace update, is that suggesting the EM10 is on the path of the Dodo Bird? If anything it does not make me feel any better in considering it as my next camera body.

The AI needs to be trained for specific sensors. They have only done two sensors so far, the 20 MP BSI in the OM-1 and 20 MP PDAF in the em1.2, 1.3 1x, 5.3. I expect they will add support for more sensors eventually.

However you should know that the AI noise reduction in Workspace works only for images shot above iso 800 and you need a Nvidea GPU with 4GB RAM.

For me noise is not important enough to spend the extra $$$ on a new laptop which ticks all the boxes.

I presume this is your assumption and not coming from OMDS. What is obvious is that they did not see it of importance to include the EM10 series at this time, if ever. Disappointing that it only works above ISO 800 and limited by the GPU.

Yes, it is my assumption that they might do the other sensors.

No, the info that the AI needed training came from one of the reviews about the OM-1 I read or watched, probably from an OMDS ambassador.

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