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Re: IQ or User experience

Trevor Carpenter wrote:

Interesting scenario coming out of the many threads that have arisen from the two recent camera launches. It seems to us that many of us fall into just 1 of 2 camps

1. IQ is everything. As long as a camera has ultimately the best IQ, nothing else matters when making a purchasing decision.

2. You stand the best chance of getting a great picture from the camera that gives you the best user experience and the ultimate flexibility to get the best result.

I suppose option 3 might be the camera that produces the best compromise of 1 & 2.

Is this over simplification?

My view is that all modern cameras can produce excellent IQ. Some may give you more latitude in post production (like higher resolution for cropping, or more DR in order to adjust the exposure). But as long as you nail the exposure and have the appropriate lenses for the job. Any camera can deliver fantastic IQ in almost any situation.

Which is why in my view user experience of the format is what everyone should consider. Having tried FF, APS-C and m4/3 for my needs Olympus cameras in particular nail all the right trade offs for my uses.

I am not saying Oly cameras are the best. Someone else may have different priorities. But that's precisely the beauty of having choice.

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