short docu shot with the Nx1 and 16-50mm S zoom lens

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Re: short docu shot with the Nx1 and 16-50mm S zoom lens

StenM wrote:

mangokid wrote:

version 1.41 installed on both of my Nx1's. I also have Otto's Hack installed on the second one to break the 30 minute limit recording. The hack tends to lock the camera up every now and then, so I may uninstall if some important assignment comes up.

Why no exposure stepping/drifting? What settings/profile did you use?


Issue with exposure pulsing/blooming when recording video

"I have had experience with this exposure problem. After reviewing many forums on this issue, I decided for myself that it's all about the latest firmware 1.41. This firmware solves problems with communication with mobile devices, but the exposure jumps. If you go back to 1.40, the exposure problem should go away, but there will be problems with wireless communication with devices."

I thought that shooting in either A or M prevents this problem.  In my experience it's the changes in aperture that cause the exposure jumps.

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