OM System sticking with 20mp. Mistake?

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Re: Friend recently bought 20mp Canon R6

James Stirling wrote:

Henry Richardson wrote:

A friend here in Japan recently bought a 20mp Canon R6 and lenses. It replaces his 20mp Canon 6D and lenses.

The difference Henry is that Canon, Nikon or Sony FF users have a choice if they want more . I am not saying that there is anything wrong with 20mp per se but we have been at 20mp since my { beloved } GX8 in 2015 . I personally would pick a higher MP m43 sensor with a lower true base ISO than any current offering . But , nobody cares what I want

m4/3 shooters have a choice too. GH6 is 25mp. If someone needs more res then that's an option. I'm sure Panasonic will followup with less video focused cameras as well.

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