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Mine is also early, serial number 003031, and works just fine on my Z7. Both lens and camera (and FTZ) with latest firmware. The information on Tamron website is not Chrystal clear to me, especially as the latest firmware is from November 2018. Maybe the info about latest serial number refer to where this lens was in production serial numbers at that time?

I see no reason why your issue couldn’t be resolved through Tamron support.

I had some issues with err message using this lens on my D500 though but that was only dirty contacts and a quick cleaning solved it immediately.

Best of luck!

It seems pretty clear to me that Tamron issued a firmware update for the 150-600mm G2 lens to make it compatible with Z cameras. Whether that means fully or partially compatible is not known. So I would want this firmware update.

It also seems clear from the Tamron website that you can't apply firmware update to that particular lens yourself with the docking station unless your lens has a serial number greater than such and such.

Here is what the update page says:

The important part is "Updated Serial Number: 035591 or later".

That could mean several things, including:

  1. Serial numbers < 035591 do not need an update, so this update is not applied to them.
  2. Serial numbers < 035591 need an update but can not be updated, so this update is not applied to them.
  3. Serial numbers < 035591 need an update and can be updated, but not by the Tap-in Console, so this update is not applied to them.

I think #1 is the most likely: earlier versions of the lens did not have a compatibility problem, but an change was made starting with #035591 that broke FTZ compatibility, so a firmware update is needed to fix it.

My G2 has a much lower serial number than the OPs’ and it did not function correctly on my Z7 until I updated the lens via the TapIn console (dock). So I don’t think #1 is right. My somewhat educated guess is that #3 is the most likely meaning of the notice on Tamrons website.

So to me, the solution is call Tamron, and they'll probably say to send the lens in and they will update it. Whatever update Tamron does to the lens may even allow it to work with the docking station in the future.

Calling Tamron is a good idea, given the ambiguity of the information on the website.

It wasn't clear to me if the OP has the docking station. If it was me I would just go ahead and try the docking station to see if it works first.

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