OM System sticking with 20mp. Mistake?

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Re: OM System sticking with 20mp. Mistake?

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Does anyone think OM System has made a 'mistake' sticking with 20 megapixels now we know that Panasonic's new camera will have 25 megapixels?

I'm sure many people are pleased m43 moved on from 12mp and 16mp regardless of whether they required the extra resolution or not. I see Panasonic's move to 25mp as a natural progression rather than a megapixel race.

Will Panasonic have a competitive edge over OM System once they put their 25mp sensor in a G series camera?

I prefer less megapixels not more. I'd like the camera more if it were 12mp but provided more DR instead for instance.

This thread is quite revealing

Now someone is going to write that bigger pixels are better just a matter of time!

DR has to do with sensor not pixel size

Binning does improve DR. So you couldn't be more wrong.

At the expense of resolution so at the same cell size 2x2 small pixels = 1 large pixel therefore benefit is zero.

DR depends on sensor size. in fact no noise sources depend on pixel size but all depend more or less from sensor size and defects

Resolution of the new m43 sensor is the topic of the post. So nice job derailing yet another thread with big sensor full frame hurr durr.

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